Big rewards. The easy way.

With Club Yellow referral program, earning rewards is easy. All you need to do is to refer us to your friends who might be looking at property. We’ll find them the best deal. While you win big rewards. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer. After all, there’s nothing better than sharing a good thing, is there?


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Club Yellow is the country’s first real estate rewards program. It lets you earn 1% of the property value by referring your friends and family to great property deals that. Artha presents from time to time.

Artha brings you some of the country’s best property deals. And with Club Yellow, it gets even better. You can keep checking on the current properties on offer, and their respective rewards here.
All you need to do to be rewarded is to start referring your friends or relatives who might be interested in any of the properties that Artha markets. We will get in touch with them, and if they end up buyiAng the property, you earn 1% of the property value bought by them.
To redeem your rewards, all you need to do is to send an email along with your Club Yellow Membership id and, your postal address to clubyellow@artha.in.
Of course, that’s only the beginning. Club Yellow referral program also promises you special rates and discounts on properties Artha markets, invitations to special events and many more such benefits. Be sure to check our website for more details in the coming weeks.




  • There is no limit to number of referrals.
  • Artha Club Yellow referral rewards applicable only for villa plot size above 2400 sq ft. For the rest the referrals, reward of 1% applicable. Payouts would be determined at 1% (inclusive of Service Tax) of the basic cost of the property and excluding club house, car parking charges, maintenance deposits and other govt taxes or charges as applicable.
  • Club Yellow payouts would be applicable only upon completion of application and either signing of agreement for sale and construction or registration of the property depending upon the norms for that individual property, as determined by Artha from time to time.
  • Payouts would be subject to referee adhering to the payment schedule for the specic property being considered under the program. In case of non adherence, the payout eligibility would no longer be applicable.
  • In the event the booking for the particular property /apartment is cancelled by the customer, the referrer would not be eligible to receive payout. In such case, that the payout has already been paid out, the referrer would be liable to refund the payout already received by them for the transaction to Artha..
  • The Club Yellow payout structure will be based on the date of booking of the property on which the reference has been given.
  • Payouts will be due minimum 30 days after registration of the property / signing of agreement of sale as per the payout structure on the date of booking of the property. Payouts would be made as per the quarterly payout cycle of the company, subject to payout being due.
  • Artha reserves the right to determine whether the referee has already been acquired by Artha through a mechanism dierent from the rewards program. In case referee has been acquired through another mechanism, the payout eligibility would no longer be applicable.
  • On a given transaction, Artha reserves the right to determine if there is any other promotional oer on the transaction in question, whether to referrer or referee, and accordingly take a decision on payout to both referrer and referee. The decision of Artha in this regard will be binding on all parties.
  • Artha reserves the right to change the program structure in terms of rewards value, method of payout, timing of payout and any other aspect of the program at any point in time without prior notice.
  • Communication of the new program structure on the website www.arthaproperty.com may be considered as due notication of the current program structure. Terms and Conditions on the website would override any other communication by any other medium including verbal/non verbal communication by individual sta members of Artha.
  • Payouts would be subject to completion of documentation by referrer and referee, as prescribed by Artha from time to time.
  • The referrer will not represent the Company with referees as an employee or claim employee benets as part thereof.
  • The referrer and the referee cannot be family members, which includes, parents, brothers, sisters, children, in-laws
  • The company reserves the right to verify the genuineness of every referral claim, against its existing norms and policies which may change from time to time.
  • The referrer shall refrain from and shall not induce or by any other means involve itself in its own capacity in any nancial transactions whatsoever with the identied customers/intermediaries of the Company.
  • Any disputes in the context of the program to be under the jurisdiction of the courts of Bangalore.
  • All marketing and promotional emails or material should be cleared by Artha prior to roll out by the referrer.
  • Referrer shall not oer additional discounts or promotional oers to prospective customers, unless agreed in writing from Artha.
  • All payouts to referrers shall be subject to TDS at applicable rates.
  • Club Yellow rewards are for introducing and referring new customers to Artha, CY rewards will not be entertained for Customers already existing in our customer bank.
  • All Club Yellow payouts are subject to adherence to a verication process, as highlighted from Artha from time to time