Is Hoskote the new Bangalore?

Hoskote is the largest upcoming neighbourhood of Bangalore city, with a large number of residential developments cropping up in the neighbourhood.

Bangalore is called the ‘Silicon Valley’ of South-East Asia thanks to its excellent IT industry. Apart from the work-life, Bangalore is also famous for its progressive lifestyle and cosmopolitan vibe. This is one of the main reasons behind the rise of new neighbourhoods in the city. Hoskote is probably the biggest and most sought-after upcoming neighbourhood of the city.

Let’s take a look at some of its USPs:-

1. Corridor to the city’s I.T. hubs

Hoskote is located in proximity to Whitefield and other important IT hubs of the city. As more and more people come to the city in search of better jobs, Hoskote provides them with a number of exciting and affordable options for accommodation.

2. Manufacturers’ Paradise

• Just a year back, Hoskote had more than 200 industrial manufacturing units of international companies like Volvo, Honda etc.
• To add to this, its neighbouring areas – Narsapura and Budigere – are being developed as industrial hubs.It is estimated that this will add up to 1 Lac jobs around the Hoskote area.

3. Seamless connectivity

• Hoskote is located in proximity to Whitefield and many other important destinations of Bangalore. It is also well connected to Outer Ring Road & NH-4, which connects Bangalore to Chennai.
• The Peripheral Ring Road is a proposed project near Hoskote which once completed, will reduce the commute time to Whitefield, Hoodi and other top destinations of Bangalore.

4. Incredibly Peaceful Living Conditions

• Before its rise as a residential destination, Hoskote was actually a big tourist destination, especially for birdwatchers and parasailers. Its lush green landscapes and natural beauty was a dream for photographers.
• The place also has deep historical significance and you’ll find several churches, mosques and temples in this area.
• There is no shortage of reputed educational institutes, hospitals and large shopping malls.

5. Excellent Appreciation

• Back in April – June of 2013, the property rates in Hoskote were Rs. 6754. In just 3 three years i.e by April – June 2016 the rates went up to Rs. 13, 254. That’s close to 100% appreciation!

As you can see from the highlights mentioned about, Hoksote is Bangalore’s top destination for anyone looking for residential real estate.

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